I Am Beautiful

Updated: Dec 6, 2018

21 year old, Ruth, shares some of her wisdom and knowledge. A new mother, student and business woman, Ruth is an inspiration.

The photoshoot was a lengthy process but she did not complain. It was a privilege to watch her balance business and personal calls whilst caring for a 2 month old, in addition to staying model-like for the project.

Throughout the process, I saw Ruth’s confidence grow. What I admire most was the undeniable love she showed for Jeremiah, her son. A natural mother, I’m sure there are big things in her future, no matter where it takes her.

Keep slaying, Ruth. You rock!

Hi. My name is Ruth McKinley

I am beautiful.

I'm a student and I help out in the family business.

I am the mother of a perfect little boy, Jeremiah.

He's my blessing.

I love spending time with him. He's always content.

I want him to be like Jeremiah in the bible. It would be perfect if he was a little prophet. I hope that he is a well-behaved little boy. I don’t want him to shy away from anybody and I want him to be confident to talk up. I will tell him not to be scared or shy, because I’m certainly not.

The biggest thing that I’ve achieved in my life is becoming a mother. It’s even bigger than when I got into university.

My dreams:

It was the biggest surprise in the world to know that I got into univeristy. I went to every college in this area. You need certain things to get in but I just sent everything I had ever achieved and they said, ‘Yeah, come on in’. That shocked me.

I studied Sports Psychology and Coaching because I love sports. I dress like a girly girl but the whole idea of the coaching appeals to me. I also wanted to know what people are thinking when they are on the field.

I am the student that wakes up in the morning, I’ll look outside and if it’s rainy or snowy, then it’s like ‘Um um, today is not a college day, you know’. Or if I did get up for college, sometimes I’d just stroll in late. I always found distractions even though I wanted to be there to learn.

I’ve had to motivate myself a lot especially when I was at university. I had a song that was constantly in my head to keep me going. The song was, ‘I Just Can’t Give Up Now’ by Mary Mary. I sang it all the time and always posted it on Facebook.